Press Release

There are those who have;

those who have not,

those who dream;

those who do not,

those who consume world resources;

those who have nothing,

those who complain about rain;

those who die for rain… …

Plum Tree Books, a new on-line Internet Publishing Company, sent out this call to artists, poets, musicians, writers and photographers to send in submissions for Song Of Sahel (SOS). The project aims to bring creative voices together from across the world to participate in an on-line event hosted on 15th September.

Poems, songs, story, photographs, art and music are being donated to raise funds and awareness for the crisis facing Sahel. These will be published on Amazon in a new, multi-media kindle.

Says spokeswoman and founder of Plum Tree Books, Dr, Niamh Clune, “How do we show solidarity for other human beings confronting starvation, displacement, disease and death? How do we show solidarity for children who will never grow properly, whose bones will be deformed because of malnutrition, whose future will be stolen by starvation, whose budding intelligence will be arrested, nipped in the bud, denied by intervening circumstance?

How do we tell them the world cares, that we are not too wrapped up in our own business to spare a thought for them?

We use our talent.”

Plum Tree Books hopes to raise awareness and contributions from the sales of the anthology, music and art, or through direct donation.

The deadline for submissions is 15th August.

The event will be hosted on 15th September on FaceBook. The complete anthology will be published on Amazon. Proceeds of sales go to SOS Sahel.

“The response has been uplifting,” says Dr. Clune. The poetry, art and music we have received so far is beautiful, the standard inspiring.”

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Thank you for checking out this worthwhile cause!