A dear young friend of our family, whom I love as a son,coming from India and after 2 years of bureaucracy is finally bringing his new wife home to Canada.

We were so excited to meet her yesterday. Of course being the sap that I am I wanted to give her a gift created in my heart. I have no Bling, things or money. But I have a heart that thinks it’s rich. Well I am rich in intentions. So I envision a painting.

I began the painting….
The first color or the foundation pale turquoise done perfectly. 3 daisies done pretty good…

Then the word L O V E – from there a perfect mess. Wow that’s terrible; a mess from the wonderful word of Love.
My daughter said she thought the word LOVE was messy and awful.
 I was crushed and began to make it better. Why should I be crushed she voicalized what I thought..the more I tried to fix it the uglier it got..

I showed my failure to my husband and he said and I shall quote, “Don’t listen to anyone else; do what you feel is right, you’re the painter. You should have left it alone. It was beautiful the way it was. Why Change it.”

My response was well I’m not really a painter but I shall trash the painting tomorrow and start fresh.
Then I thought no I should keep it awhile as a testament to failure.


Is failure wrong?
Few failures are fatal.
We or I should say; I act as if it’s the end of the world.

I reminded myself that upwards to 90% of athletes never win a medal but they keep going, keep training. I should expect no less of myself.

$10 worth of paint, $15 canvas and 15 hours…gone…
I guess ego was a part of my problem.
I think I forgot that some successes starts with failure.

I forgot a valuable lesson; the more I tried to fix it without calling it a mistake the uglier it got.
Sometimes it is better to start fresh.
Sometimes trial and error is important.

Is failure really failure?

Well, on some level I failed big time today. My painting is a PERFECT Example of Failure. Brought tears to my eyes. But then I was reminded of that great quote: “Failures are finger posts on the road to achievement”.. C.S. Lewis

Maybe then I should expect Success with my Next painting.

Once emotions are taken out of the equation will it be called a failure?

It was my emotional attitude that caused me to feel like a failure.  With a new canvas I started a new painting. In fact it took a different path with a new life of its own.  Better than the first.

Believe me Failure will surely educate us.
– Thomas Edison said he had 10,000 failures before he learned how to work the light bulb. He said he didn’t call it a failure; he called it an education.
– “I know 10,000 things that don’t work.” There are some things in life that are only learned through failure.
– Failure isn’t special – everybody does it. But to learn from failure is special. And smart people learn from their failures.
– As surely as failures educate us; failures also develop our skills.’
– And for sheer humility; makes us less judgmental, more sympathetic.

As sure as shootin Without ‘failure’, it’s easy to get an ego or to look down our noses at those who fail.

How we respond to failure is especially important for our children looking on.

For it is them, that often; follow in our footsteps.

Never give up. Find whatever is necessary within yourself and the creator to keep going forward and continue to aspire to learn and live with integrity.

If you fail don’t forget it. Don’t forget how it felt. Don’t forget what could have been done differently so you won’t repeat the mistake or failure. Not in a demeaning way but as illumination signpost. You’re not the only one that ever failed.  There is a positive spin because we all have successes. One thing for sure it should Never be a total Failure but always a lesson!  Turn that supposed failure into a bright number and shoot for the stars.

I would encourage those whose life began in abuse or dysfunction and remains in its cycle.  I believe you can find a way out of that and start a new path; start fresh and have a completely new ending for your life.  I trust the creator can give you the power to overcome all that is necessary to become whole once again.

Quotes worth Pondering:
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
― Winston Churchill
“Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
― Winston Churchill