Behold the turtle. He makes progress only when he sticks his neck out .”-James. B. Conant

I think it is obvious – for a turtle to get anywhere he has to stick his neck out.

Sticking your neck out for someone is Not just an Emotion but a Concern that Leads us to action.

Just a thought but sticking your neck for someone could end in failure but don’t let that hinder you.

It is always appropriate to remember to be kinder than necessary, for everyone you know or meet is fighting some kind of battle.
In spite of our own disappointments we can experience faith and peace and be a powerful inspiration.
In times of anxiety may we learn to be tender and abound in love and compassion.

In life, there are times you have to stick your neck out and take a risk.
Sometimes it is to help family.

Sometimes it is to help a friend.

Sometimes it is sticking up for a friend.
Sometimes it is to take courage.

Sometimes it is sticking your neck out for your beliefs.
Sometimes it is to move in faith.

Sometimes it is believing in yourself.

Sometimes it is protecting your marriage.

Sometimes it is a determination to take some risks to achieve our goals.

In the end it is listening to our deepest gut feelings, faith and trust.


Sometimes it is less difficult to stick our neck out as opposed to our Response to someone who would stick their neck out for us?

There are occasions when someone would stick their neck out in the form of an intervention, a heart-to-heart regarding choices, health issues, support, encouragement, to be there in your time of need, just being there or a thousand other scenarios.

It is wonderful to know that someone would care for you/I and indeed stick their neck out for us. [I’m not talking about a nosey individual but a genuine caring person]

We should challenge ourselves on a regular basis. So let’s not be so wrapped up in ourself that we don’t have or see a sense of anyone else.

Today I challenge you: Let each of you look not only to your own interests, but also to the interests of others.


Having said that I will end with a comparison on sticking our neck out for ourselves; qualities of strength and balance. So here are some highlights of a turtle.

  • Turtles have slow metabolisms, teaching us to slow down.
  • Turtles are said to be stable, and constant in their opinions, ideals, and ideas.
  • Turtles are dependable and loyal.
  • Turtles are home anywhere because they carry their houses on their backs.
  • Turtles have good eyesight, reminding us not to judge any of our relations by outward appearances.

Taking risks and chances!

“Never lose your childish enthusiasm and things will come your way.” (Movie quote from Under the Tuscan Sun)

“Live spherically…in many directions.” (Movie quote from Under the Tuscan Sun)
Thanks for reading my bLoG!

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