It is possible our lives may not have started out like a beautiful story; we have the choice to make it more enjoyable now and have a beautiful ending!

Wife to wonderful husband Wayne. Mother and Grandmother. Consistently try to Pursue excellence in my Christian walk with Christ and pray always that one day will meet my children and my children’s children in heaven.

I have recently published a book entitled “Feet First” with Essence Publishing!

Part of my bio states: “Feet First” is the autobiographical story of a woman [me] whose future was adversely impacted by her formative years. Keenly aware of the importance of her childhood, the author agrees with Dr. Dobson, who says, “Serious mistakes are being made that have lifelong implications for both males and females.”

She admits to the bumps (and washed out bridges) on the road of her true life journey where she worked the hardest for God and others; entertained her greatest fears and doubts while confronting, tackling and battling her addiction to guilt and
shame, all amidst a pastoral ministry.

Most will never experience the extreme obstacles she has, but they will desire to listen and share her pain, public humiliation and private torments, seeing a miracle of grace unfold, as a bud becomes a blossom.

In Feet First, you are invited to participate in a courageous journey. What you are about to read is a maze of emotions, events, truths, enlightenment and splendor. Come join a roller coaster ride that begins in the depths of despair, but then takes you to the heights of the heavenlies.  — Dr. James C. Dobson, Chairman and founder of Focus on the Family

I finally felt the freedom to write as God inspired me. A 61 day & night of gruelling, heart-wrenching, broken at the cross ‘time with God’. I could have remained an anonymous Christian but that was not a part of God’s plan.

There is no doubt A clear direction to write the book “Feet First” and I believe countless numbers need to read it.

Far too many adults are living fractured, separated lives and the multiple complexities that accompany their being. This impacts all our children in the care of the church & community.

Keenly aware that pain, trauma, rejection & abuse can drive faith away, lose sight of the Christ of Calvary; we are reminded once again through “Feet First” of the grace of God and how He desires to meet each person at their place of pain and manifest his love.  God wants wholeness for our lives.

Feet First in paperback or ebook is available on any Amazon website and can be purchased here!

Feet First is available in kindle or paperback.  Additionally available at Barnes and Nobles; ebook at Chapters Indigo , Chapters Indigo paperback and Essence Publishing Bookstore.

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