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In a world of adversity, division at its extreme, despair and death; I know I need to learn how to bond and work together so I/we can help more people.

I don’t want to just sit around, moan and groan.

I’m sure I can be outspoken yet tender-hearted and insightful or the very least – willing to learn.

  • Personally I absolutely feel we have to continue to SHOW deep love for each other
  • Cheerfully share y/our home with those who need a meal or a place to stay
  • Use the creative, gifting, heart, strengths to impact the world around you

Coach Vince Lombardi on making a winning team. Lombardi said, “There are a lot of coaches with good ball clubs who know the fundamentals and have plenty of discipline but still don’t win the game. Then you come to the third ingredient: if you’re going to play together as a team, you’ve got to care for one another. You’ve got to love each other. Each player has to be thinking about the next guy. You’ve got to do your job well in order that he can do his. The difference between mediocrity and greatness is the feeling these guys have for each other.”


Not just to care But Love not just to love But Show Love.

Love is not an abstract idea. Love must be manifested.

True love is not just something you feel – it’s something you demonstrate!


  • Marriages have problems when partners don’t show love to one another. A husband and wife may love each other deeply but have a miserable marriage because they don’t know how to show their love for one another.
  • You can’t raise kids properly without showing them love.
  • You can’t have true, lasting, satisfying friendships if your friends can’t tell that you love them.
  • You can’t experience relationships in the community or in your church family without showing and receiving love.


Some people find it rather easy to show love. It’s natural as breathing.

Others find it difficult – in fact they feel uncomfortable – simply because of your upbringing.

So HOW do we show love to others.

Treat others just as you want to be treated -The Golden Rule

This is basic.  How do I want to be treated?

 IN no particular order:

  • Listen to me when I talk
  • Show Love to me
  • Forgive me
  • Try Understanding me
  • Give me a Second chance
  • Respect me
  • Think about me
  • Be in the moment/ engaging
  • Relax with me
  • Meet some of my needs
  • Be patient with me
  • Be kind to me
  • Be Faithful to me
  • Do right by me
  • Remember with me
  • Include me in Making memories
  • Honor me
  • Be genuine with me
  • Appreciate me

Oh Dear

Sounds needy

Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. Love does not demand its own way. Love is not irritable, and it keeps no record of when it has been wronged.

It is never glad about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out.

Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.


But in reality we are all fragile, delicate, sensitive and utterly in need of love.

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I’m sure you have seen this video but before you leave check it out again thanks……Have a wonderful week.

It’s been a difficult few weeks..No signs of drastic improvement but there is change so for that I am most grateful.  This lull that I have felt has pulled me in once again with reflection.

What is it I really need in this life?

Whom shall I talk to to unload this burden?

Where shall I run for solace?


Where shall I Run


Where should I run?


In that moment

of encumbrance

when faith would wane

grapple with grace

and wonderment

i want to run away,

where too should i run?

i shall run to you

to silence

near the fountain of all being

at the fane

where wizards of wonderment

and wisdom are free

grand graces grow


by a-mazing voyage

i run to the centre

of who i am –

the Eye of the Universe….©


May 11, 2013

A teardrop on earth summons the King of heaven.  Chuck Swindoll

Have a glorious Day!

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early mist

a passion for lifeCan we live without passion?

  • To live compelling and vigor we need passion
  • To make things last we need passion
  • To make life worthwhile we need passion
  • To have healthy relationships we need passion

Isaac Watts said, May I govern my passions with absolute sway, and grow wiser and better as life wears away.

Without passion most likely we will be without energy.

We need passion to keep our marriage alive, to pursue education, to pursue art, pursue relationships, to pursue and understand history, to pursue spiritual matters.

 “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”


For me I look to God my creator for inspiration. There lies my treasure.

In a day where I/me/my/self-interest is the order of the day faith can somehow be dwindling away or in times of distress be swept away.

A.W. Tozer said it like this … “We may WANT God, but we want something else more. And we get what we want most.”

I want a passion for the creator God, for life, for family, for every moment of every day.

Life will rob spiritual passion. Circumstances of life will destroy passion. When those times come, nothing less than restoration will do. An Extreme Makeover of our personal spiritual pursuits.  Enthusiasm reclaimed.  Have a vigor to be more helpful for hurting mankind.

The Passion I’m talking about and desire is touched by Webster’s definition: A STRONG, EXTRAVAGANT FONDNESS, ENTHUSIASM, OR DESIRE FOR SOMETHING.

I wonder do purpose give us a reason to wake up and start the day but is it passion that keeps us going kinda propel us forward.

It is the passion that draws us out of depression, elevate the soul.

 A passion to pursue should always make ourselves and our world a better place to live.


I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be. – Roald Dahl; British Novelist

Are you bored with life? Then throw yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart, live for it, die for it, and you will find happiness that you had thought could never be yours. – Audrey Hepburn;
Actress, Humanitarian

 Our passions are the winds that propel our vessel. Our reason is the pilot that steers her. Without winds the vessel would not move and without a pilot she would be lost. – Proverb

A great leader’s courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position.”
– John Maxwell,

Never underestimate what passion can do in your life.

  • Passion; without it you give up.
  • Passion; without it time becomes hard.
  • Passion without it endurance runs thin.

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passion for god_



Let’s shape our memories now for the future.  Let’s give our kids, grandkids, nephews, nieces, good memories to draw from-From this second forward.

Time can forget some memories, but there are some memories which can make us forget time and those memories make life sweeter.

A smile happens in a flash, but its memory can last a lifetime.

Located in the province of Newfoundland, Grand Lake is a natural lake dammed for hydroelectric power early in the last century. The expanded lake now covers about 132,000 acres along the Humber River. Set amid the craggy heights of the eastern fringe of the Appalachian Mountains, the area around Grand Lake has evolved into a wide swath of Provincial lands used in the past for logging and mining. When the local paper milling company dammed the outlet of the existing Grand Lake in 1925 to produce power for the mills, the water level was raised over 100 feet, drowning the abandoned coal mines and a portion of the Humber Valley over sixty miles long. The resulting lake is nearly 1000 feet deep in spots, the deepest lake in Newfoundland. The large lake also holds the largest island in Canada, Glover Island.

It is here that the Humber Canal offers a shorter water route to Deer Lake and was the site of the paper mill that originally dammed Grand Lake. The paper mill has changed hands several times over the years, as has control of the dam and power generating units. The Deer Lake Power Company now distributes the hydro-power to several small communities in the area and to the main power grid. The old paper mill plant whistle sill sounds daily during the week and on Saturdays, more as an historical tradition than as a call to work. Deer Lake is one of the few remaining towns where parents still tell their children to ‘be home when the whistle blows!’

I remember in my hometown of Deer Lake we had a high school field trip to the powerhouse. It was amazing to see the workings of the big turbines.  On that day as usual the whistle was to blow at 12 noon;  I got to press the button to set the town whistle/siren to blow.  That was the day I had lime pop for the first time and the first time I had a donut.  For some reason Lime drink/pop and donut together tastes fantastic.


I don’t have all good memories but I have learned to make sure these terrible memories don’t run my life.

“We cannot change our memories, but we can change their meaning and the power they have over us”  David Seamands

We all tend to be restricted by our memories. Allow the benefits of meditation  to change you from within, by the renewing of your mind- attitude and perceptions.

When you live life and you are living the experience, you tend not to appreciate them as you are living them. It’s only when you look back and realize how special they were.





In spite of some rotten pasts there are things we can do as seen in this quote:

I used to teach in an abused children’s home. I told the kids, “You all have a manure pile of memories. Nothing you can do about that. Now you can drown in the stink or turn it into compost and grow a garden. I wouldn’t be as good a teacher to you if I didn’t know what you’re going through. That way, I make my memories do good instead of letting them eat me. I’m like Herbie from Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. I pulled my Bumble’s teeth. He’s still big and scary but he can’t bite me anymore.”
Rebecca O’Donnell, Freak: The True Story of an Insecurity Addict
My mind
recall essence of this journey
good the bad
happy and sad
chaos the tranquil
fairness and unfairness
life and death
through it all
i’ve come to trust,
all made sense
what seemed senseless
the glory of the creator
my life is in your hands
my heart
explodes in praise
without force,
in peace and rest
i hear the sound
of the holy
of your great name
all fear all sickness
will flee,
at that same sound
when i stumbled
i felt your strength
raise me up,
orphans and poor
found sustenance
at that same name’s sound,
inner most
the creator transfixed
marrow of my bones
i wait …©

March 17, 2013

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deerlake power plant

photo by Joanne Hoyles Keating Newfoundland

Have you been Out looking for HOPE?

Spring Robin1

Over the past several weeks and months our family has endured tremendous amounts of stress, disappointment, sickness and trials.
Watching the changes of the weather back and forth wondering when spring will come.
One thing I am sure off Spring WILL Come.
Nature has a way of reminding us that there is hope.


So if you are having a difficult time today go outside for a walk and look for hope. Look for HOPE in nature. See what you can find.
I have always had a fascination for Nature.
On your nature walk did you hear a robin sing, a flower growing up through concrete, a vine clinging to an abandoned building.
It is so hopeful!

Here is my poem entitled Finding ‘Hope”

Finding ‘Hope’

Do you think
 life sucks, stinks, phoey
woe is me
hope lost
trials and tribulations
got you down
life filled with sorrow
no way out,
don’t give up
go for a walk
look for ‘hope’
put on your cardigan
close the door
see you later,
a luminous welcome
sun, splashed its rays around
fluffy clouds
with a mighty statement
robins singing
joy oh joy
 spring is a comin,
 roundin the turn
on the ragged path
 hear tinklin trickling stream
 singin in unison
with the wind
and angels wings,
thanks to ancient rain
brought life and hope
lucid liquid gold of water,
 i believe there’s a ity bity bug
on that there tree
a bulrush
made it through winter
appeared out
of nowhere a single butterfly,
 kicking the blassy bough
revealed another baby tree
junior rabbit
crossed my path
with a wiggle
come and play,
the sounds of nature
a gentle musical
as wind bows to kiss
my cheek
with a whisper
the roar of the waterfall
 good -news nature choir,
further on
daffodil takes a peek
crocus arrived with a grin
cute baby critters
 as sure as shootin
spring follows winter
 ‘hope’ is comin
 nature prepin
for spring,
look to nature
find ‘hope’
so the journey
through the woods
not in vain
know how
 blessed i am,
creator’s garden
filled with ‘hope’
and life
the heavens our canopy,
the creator

March 24, 2013

So did you see HOPE?

two foxes

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red cove nl on vac
All pictures were taken in Newfoundland by my daughter Joanne during our Vacation.

V is for Vinegar and Versatile.

Vinegar is a liquid substance consisting mainly of acetic acid (CH3CO2H) and water, the acetic acid being produced through the fermentation of ethanol by acetic acid bacteria.[1] It is today mainly used in the kitchen as a general cooking ingredient, but historically, as the most easily available mild acid.

Vinegar is important as a preservative, because it reduces the thermal death time of microorganisms and either inhibits or kills microorganisms, depending on the concentration used.

Not only does vinegar have varied uses there is a variety of types such as balsaic, malt, honey,cane, beer, coconut, date, distilled, fruit etc.

Uses of Vinegar:
• White distilled vinegar is a popular household cleanser, effective for killing most mold, bacteria, and germs, due to its level of acidity. Cleaning with white distilled vinegar is a smart way to avoid using harsh chemicals. You’ll also be glad to know that it is environmentally friendly and very economical.
• Occasionally water plants with a mixture of two tablespoons vinegar to one quart of water; Azaleas love acidic soil.
• Kills grass on walks and driveways.
• Eliminate animal urine stains which I have used on many occasions.
• Deter ants, spray vinegar around doors and windows.
• Remove skunk odor from a dog.

If you want to check out a website that gives a large array of uses for vinegar; check this out!


Doing a quick study on Vinegar quickly tells us it is a versatile product.

There we go; Versatile/Verstility.

Versatility is a fabulous word actually; it can turn on a dime.

Versatile means:
• that you are good at, or familiar with many things.
• the ability of changing or fluctuating.
• is embracing a variety of subjects, fields, or skills; also: turning with ease from one thing to another.
• capable of turning forward or backward

Of course without complicating Versatility; may I say that Flexibility with Versatility is a happy twin.

Flexibility is your willingness to adapt. It’s your attitude.

Do you have a willingness to change?

Versatility is your ability to adapt. It’s your aptitude. People with adaptability are both flexible and versatile.
Of course, our level of adaptability can be stronger in some situations than others. For example, we tend to be more adaptable at work with people we know less, and less adaptable at home with people we know better.

It is humorous however that research shows that people view themselves as more flexible and versatile than they actually are. That’s because we all desire to be versatile, and we judge ourselves on how we intend to act as well as on how we do act. But unfortunately, our actions don’t always match our intentions.

Come on now; let’s admit it there is a gap between the ideal versus our actual level of adaptability. The reason for the gap is that it’s not easy.

There are attributes that help us to be more flexible. Your flexibility is characterized by confidence, tolerance, empathy, positiveness and respect for others.

I want to break out in song and sing you gotta believe in yourself.

And it goes without saying that there are qualities that help us to be more versatile. Your versatility is increased by resilience, vision, attentiveness, competence and self-correction.

I want to break out into song one more time and sing ‘Resilience’ gives us the elasticity to overcome setbacks, barriers in spite of our resources or lack thereof. You have spunk and emotional resilience.

One amazing Story!
In his book Who Cares? Rediscovering Community, author David Schwartz writes: “When my friend Gerald looked out his office window, he saw the woman about to jump off the bridge. She stood on the edge, wavering. Below her the Susquehanna River flowed rapidly around the bridge footings, carrying flood logs and debris over the dam and to the Chesapeake Bay . . . Gerald stood for a minute, frozen.

What should he do? He seemed to be the only person who had spotted the woman from his vantage point one story above the street. Shaking himself into movement, he grabbed the telephone and started to dial the emergency number 911.

Could the police and the ambulance and the crisis intervention team possibly make it there in time? What would the woman do when she heard the police sirens speeding to her rescue? As his fingers punched the numbers, he saw a city bus rounding the turn onto the bridge. The bus drove slowly along the edge of the right lane. As it neared the woman, he saw the front accordion door open.

Then suddenly–almost too fast to see if his eyes hadn’t been riveted on the scene–the driver, in one continuous motion, stopped, leaned out of the open door, grabbed the woman’s arm from behind, and pulled her backward into his bus.

My friend sat down, shaking slightly, and replaced the telephone receiver in its cradle. He thought about what he’d seen. And because he was a reflective person, he thought about what he had done.

As he explained to me later, he realized that his response to the life-or-death situation of this stranger, this woman, had been to mobilize the complex human services system set up and ready to deal with such situations. That is what anyone would do, would they not? But the bus driver had responded completely differently . . . He had seen the situation and had immediately done something himself.” (Who Cares? Rediscovering Community, David Schwartz, pages 1,2)

Yes versatility is a major component in business, sports but life is the most versatile thing under the sun.

  • Let’s look again at versatility adjectives:
    • adaptable
    • flexible
    • all-round
    • multifaceted
    • handy
    • functional
    • variable
    • adjustable
    • accept change
    • emotionaly flexible
    • resiliant
    • attentive
    • helpful


To make a life -more enjoyable, loving, productive and giving; versatility is necessary.

To make dreams come true; versatility is often necessary. The ability to change, to move in a different direction, to be competent to have a driving force of versatility.

Some weeks ago I wrote a post on “N is for Nuts and Neat!” In this blog I mentioned to always leave a room better than when you entered. I’ve been thinking we could put this into practice in our daily lives. When we leave the presence of a person, room, community, group, blog or cyberspace; leave it better than when you entered. Mind you it will take versatility to do this.

apples2-300x300 copy

Versatility will be the foundation to make our days better, to make this world a better place. When a soldier is laid to rest versatility will be necessary to go on to help the family. When death and disease comes knocking not gently but loudly versatility will be a part of the strength necessary to carry on.

God Bless you today!

Ray Lewis realized the importance and magnitude of versatility. He said, “Life is about being a versatile athlete and training in all realms of life.

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feet first for print FINAL

L is for Lettuce and Love!

Lettuce is an annual plant of the aster or sunflower family.  It is most often grown as a leaf vegetable.


As you know Lettuce is most often used for salads, sandwiches and wraps. Lettuce is a good source of vitamin A and potassium, as well as a minor source for several other vitamins and nutrients. Some people will use Lettuce to help curb munchies by eating extra lettuce while on a diet plan.  Not quite sure if that’s a good idea but I’m sure it won’t hurt to eat extra lettuce.

As a child we often used lettuce to feed the rabbits.

As an adult I more than appreciate Lettuce; I Love Lettuce. My favorites are Iceberg and Romaine.

‘Love’ a many splendored word!!!!!!!

To live a life in Love Should not be rare.

Here is a poem with my take on love actually it’s my perspective from abuse to seeing onself through the eyes of God and self acceptance with a stronger ability to love.

is who i am
born to love
to give
born to live
in glory, honor
esteem and vitality,
and wonderfully
made am i
this is the
portabellow of love
but then the giver
of earthly life
started with you
in love,
tainted the vision
of love i knew
sum of all tears
true love and fragrance
of acceptance
nutured by god above
giver of purest love,
not based on
your neglect
but on the giver
of life in me
select not
entrust my identity
with you
but creator
has made me perfect
to sit in heavenly places, 
with a grateful heart
I am secure
love who i am
now I can

beverley oct 18, 2012


Keep Loving!

Quotes I am pondering Today!

The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread.

– Mother Teresa

Though our feelings come and go, God’s love for us does not.

– C. S. Lewis

My heart is, and always will be, yours. – Sense and Sensibility

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H is for Honeydew and Humility!


I love honeydew. Are you surprised?

A honeydew slightly oval shape about 8″ long. The flesh is usually pale green in color while the peel is greenish to yellow. Honeydew has seeds. Here in Canada you can pretty much get a Honeydew anytime. Many people use honeydew for deserts or eaten as is. Quality [I was told] is determined by the honeydew having a nearly spherical shape with a surface free of scars or defects. A honeydew should feel heavy for its size and have a waxy (not fuzzy) surface. 

Honeydew melon is low in Sodium and Calories, and very low in Saturated Fat and Cholesterol. It’s also a good source of Vitamin B6, Folate and Potassium, and a very good source of Vitamin C.

Napoleon and Pope John Paul II both considered Honeydew melons their favorite fruit.

Honeydew is just a humble fruit; it’s not spectacular in appearance but on the inside it is scrumptious.

Humble is another great word; The quality or condition of being humble. A modest opinion or estimate of one’s own importance.

Humility or Humbleness is a quality of being courteously respectful of others. It is the opposite of aggressiveness, arrogance, boastfulness, and vanity. Rather than, “Me first” humility says, “No, you first.” – Humility is the quality that lets us to be generous to help others.

The demeanor of humility is exactly what is needed to live in peace and harmony with others. Humility dissipates anger and heals old wounds. Humility allows us to see the dignity and worth of all God’s people despite color, creed etc.  Humility has that special something that can distinguish the wise leader from the arrogant power-hungry.

Acting with humility does not in any way deny our own self worth.

The humble person keeps his/her accomplishments, gifts, and talents in a proper perspective. It is self-knowledge with an awareness of one’s limitations. Humble individuals value the life, well being and welfare of other people.

Our modern culture downplays humility with prerequisite to the forcefulness and aggression in many areas.

Humility is not inferiority or poor self-esteem; it is seeing our strengths and weaknesses honestly, and not letting either keep us from accomplishing what we need to do.

Humility produces thankfulness as a normal aspect of our daily living.

Turtle on the Fence:

A humble recognition of the need in the Creator God’s help and wisdom is key to his success of life and living [my personal view].  Sometimes however with great success one can ride the ego cart and think all things are self oriented. It is far superior to be humbled in the blessings and successes. 

Alex Haley, the author of Roots, has a picture in his office, showing a turtle sitting atop a fence. The picture is there to remind him of a lesson he learned long ago: “If you see a turtle on a fence post, you know he had some help.”
Haley said, “Every time I write something significant, and begin to feel proud of myself, I’ll look at the turtle on top of the fence post and remember that he didn’t get there on his own. He had some help.”

Turtle on a Fencepost

Quotes I am Pondering Today!

There is something in humility which strangely exalts the heart. Augustine

True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less. C.S. Lewis

Humility is to make a right estimate of oneself. Charles H. Spurgeon

 A man’s pride will bring him low, But the humble in spirit will retain honor. Proverbs

Josh Groban and Celine Dion – The Prayer!

Here is a very classic video on Humility the music is superb!

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