photo by Gladys England-Noble of Middle Arm, NL


Well it looks like I am the guest poet today

Yes it’s me

Beverley A. Hoyles

Born in Deer Lake Newfoundland

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If you are interested the subject of ‘abuse’  in any or all forms you can check out my book called “Feet First” .

Loss is a part of my journey and gain as also been a part of my journey.  With two sides of the coin I see what is important and has given me the desire to nurture the secret parts of my heart.

If I recall correctly I do not introduce myself as a poet.  Poetry flows out of me but I do not confuse myself with the great poets of our time, of the past or those that are in a group [i am a member] called Plum Tree Books.  Some of them I have  asked to be guest poets on this blog and they have generously done so.

I am quite aware of my childlike and novice ability yet what I do have flows sometimes without warning.

Over the past few months my mind has pondered the word


This is where I spent endless hours as a girl with my thoughts 

As well as talking to God.


it’s the desire for the emerald isle

green scenery seen from

yonder space station

low plains surrounded by a

ring of coastal mountains

moors of juniper

bogs of iris and sundew

hear the whisper

come dance with me

in ireland


it’s the lure of england

borders of scotland and wales

low hills and plains

see the history


changing of the guard

lakes, rivers

port of liverpool

maybe to touch the stones

of stonehenge

see romance and poetry

of england

walk the streets

home of the beatles

learn all the things

i should have known

see a bobbie

walk in the rain


it’s the thirst of hawaii

entirely of islands

diverse natural scenery

see silverswood

gardenia brighamii

tropical climate

beach galor



becomes a paradise

active volcanoes

give mystery

and adrenline

surf proports your youth


it’s the love and grief of africa

the land that i love

straddles the equator

the motherland

the world’s second-largest

and second-most-populous


its the people and its culture

see tribal people dance

under the moonlit sky

rhythm and color

exotic animals

lion, gazelle



oh the serengiti

victoria falls

or mosi-oa-tunya

cause great pain

see your children starving

africa dear africa

i would like to walk

the land of



it is the sea

that surrounds

my isle of


former colony

of england

most eastern part

of canada

place of my lover’s

first kiss

salty air

the languages

of the land

romance of the rock

pull of her love

symphony of her heart

gigs and reels of the evening

gently splash of morning

spell binding waves

in a storm

ache for her love

embrace of her


fish and chips

and dressing

cod tongues

cold plates

jigs dinner

green rugged scenery





miraculous moments

enchanting ambience


the land of my birth


it is the eastern sky

filled with dark clouds

but one open

sun filled spot


for my entrance


beyond the blue

beulah land


over the rainbow


the universe, time


where there is no night

a land i dream of

more than once in a while

long for more than

streets of gold

or ageless eternity

i want to hear

all life’s secrets


to see the cup

that held my tears



hear the stories

of all travelers

to touch the scars

the land that i crave….©

beverley hoyles

I started this poem in August 2012 completed Oct 7, 2012

I have always had a love for the earth.  Is that really possible?  Yet that is how I have felt. Certain parts of the earth I have craved for and longed for; yet my feet have never touched its soil. I am homesick for my homeland and a place beyond…Here is my tribute to the inner longing for home.  I guess home is a multiplicity of places.