Newfoundland and Labrador
The most Eastern Province of Canada

Showcasing one of our Newfoundland Poets –
Carolyn R. Parsons
Change Islands, NL

Sunset at Tallboy [a scenic cliff ] Change Islands
by Robin Porter-Payne

Where the Pen Fails

Where the pen fails is at your cerulean tips
crested white with ageless rolling surf
what defeats the quill is where your granite shores
meld into voluptuous grassy turf

Where the muse rejoices is in your nameless blue and the salt-kelp smell of a gentle sea-washed beach
Where the scribe falls short lies somewhere in between
held tightly in the hand and ever out of reach

Where the spirit soars is around the marble markers
bleached by the divine-lifted early morning heat
Where the eyes worship is written in cotton clouds
by that mysterious hand that nothing can defeat

Where the pen fails is at your cerulean tips
stilled by a sudden dearth of rose-tipped prose
So the heart becomes the quill and writes the lines
of poetry that the spirit always knows

by Carolyn R. Parsons

Fiction writer with one published novel,
“The Secrets of Rare Moon Tickle.”

One Published Poetry Book
“Wind Rhymes; Poetry from the Breeze.”

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Newfoundland and Labrador from space
Taken by Ron Garan: New Foundland #FromSpace Taken May 3rd ’11 @ 6:53pm GMT