Here is Guest Poet of Faith Marilyn Ruth Rideout of Middle Arm, NL!

Marilyn has a strong faith in God .
Marilyn’s life was dipped in tragedy and grace.
Marilyn has shown that her
Journey can be accomplished with God’s love.
Mother, Wife, Hard work, Love and Grace combined is her truest identity.

The storm shelter

There’s a great storm coming,
coming very soon!
We know not the day or hour,
May be morning, night or noon!
For those who are not prepared twill be their sad demise,
For Christ will come back to take his waiting bride aside.

Now some may say they don’t believe and God is but a farce,
But let me say it this way, and then,
You count the cost !

If you live a life for Christ, and choose the better way
you will have hope to live with Him when he calls us away!
We believe this to be true.
We live an life of Hope and Joy,
knowing we will be with Him when the time comes for us to die!
To live a life of freedom in a land where milk and honey flows.
Where Christ, Himself, will be the light,
In a land were we’ll not grow old !

But if you choose NOT to believe and say there’s no such place,
There’s no God, No Heaven, No Hell and the graves our final resting place!
What is there for live for ? or more than that, To die ?
to live your life without a “lose” beyond Jordan’s swelling tide!

For if I choose to live for God, and find out it’s not so,
I’ve lost nothing but gained a life that’s still worth its weight in gold !
But if you choose to not believe and find out when you die that what God said is true .
.you’ve lost this life. and life eternal….Damnation your final doom!

Today’s the day to get on board the ark that God provides,
His love, His mercy is the door that’s opened so very wide!
Right now its standing open for all who will enter in,
Pick up a robe of righteousness in exchange for a load of sin Then when that storm around you rages,
You will not fear or dread,
For you’ll be safely home with God..
safe from all lifes toil and dread….©

sunset by gladys

Picture by Gladys England-Noble