May I introduce our Guest Poet 

– Tonia Marie Harris – 

a resident of Edgewood, Illinois, USA

Tonia is a mother, writer, poet, blogger.
She loves books, music, dancing, and dreaming.

Tonia is presently in the final stages of her first book, a young adult urban fantasy.

People Watching

“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”  ~Bill Watterson, Calvin and Hobbes

There is a lull and sigh within

the warm enclave of a coffee house.

Bitter espresso beans warmed by vanilla essence

are chased by the citrus tang of lemon scone

oozing through clumsy fingers.


Careful observation redresses sublime indulgence.

A poem superimposed with ink blots, fingerprints,

and stolen winks of time between the pages of a composition book.


The light of morning falls, a slant of cream

through the amber, golds, and henna of oaks and maples.

Emerald’s reigning queens reveal lush underskirts,

which fall to the damp floor of nature’s harem.

They cast impressions of bare bones,

wrinkled limbs discourse their age.


A tall man plucks tissue from his chin, stained crimson,

straightens his tie and is gone around the corner.

His flotsam is picked up with the eastern wind,

small in the course of the funnel of leaves

brittle, that stir down the street.


There, a woman lights a cigarette,

frowns as she leaves it,

a white tail lit carmine in her mouth.

She wipes the haze from under her eyes

and pauses to admire a scarf displayed in a dim window.

The lines along her mouth soften with satisfaction.


Working men lean against walls broken and graffitied

to watch the girl with symmetrical features run.

She ignores their affable hunger

and places two fingers in the hollow under her jaw.


The dreamer collects moments lost in the interim.

You can catch Tonia Marie Harris here on Facebook any time.

Check out her fantastic blog Hugs and Chocolate!