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Clothe Yourself With Kindness

Personally; I believe we are to be kind and compassionate to one another!

Just for one moment how do you truly want people to treat you? Simple! Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

The win-win game or strategy is designed to benefit all participants.
So according to Beverley [ that’s me ūüėÄ ] it’s like a man or woman or child who is kind to others – but in reality it benefits oneself.¬† That’s a true win-win. Kindness brings harmony.

Children instinctively know how to be gentle, kind and loving. These two children showing affection without being prompted to do so.


Here is a song entitled “kindness” that says it all.

Kindness by Deana Hoyles

You can go to the site to take a listen –¬†

Verse 1:
How can I
be a light
in the Darkest night?
To touch your heart
and break apart the fear.
And speak words that heal
Instead of words that steal.
Can you hear the cries
of the young eyes?
They’re saying:
Kindness is what we need
Kindness is what we need,
Is what I believe.
Your Kindness
Will bring us, peace.
Verse 2:
What will it take
to undo our mistakes?
To awake and erase
their heartache.
And when will we see
We need to believe
in humanity?
Can you hear the cries
of the young eyes?

Quotes on Kindness:

Philip Keller -“KINDNESS involves finding ways to “brighten and cheer” the lives of others”.

Stephen Winward – “Kindness includes sympathy, generosity and benevolence.”

Webster defines kindness as- “Of a sympathetic, forbearing, gentle, pleasant nature.”

The KJ translators translate it – ¬†“gentleness.”

Dr. Paul – “Be kind, to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another…..”

When you show kindness to a stranger, they are surprised. Why? Because in today’s society it is no longer a normal behavior. However I am hopeful that we will see kindness on a more regular basis.

I remember a humorous story I read somewhere [I do not recall where] quite a few months ago..

The Confused Samaritan
A man was beaten up by robbers on a road to London. He lay there, half dead and in bad shape. A Vicar came along, saw him and passed by on the other side. Next, a monk came by but also walked quickly on the other side. Finally, a social worker came along, looked at the man and said “Whoever did this needs help!”

Pay it Forward

How can you pay it forward; rephrased; How can you express Kindness?

1000’s of little ways-¬†one act¬†at a time- really it is – however in all ¬†honesty it is going to cost us something in every little way by our time, our convenience, our labor, our strength, our money, our way.

Very few of us can do great things but we all can do numerous small things with great love.

It most certainly should¬†be a purpose behind your acts of kindness.¬† Why are you doing random acts of kindness? I‚Äôm doing this because God has shown His kindness to me and in my lifetime people has shown kindnesses to me. When people have shown me acts of kindness it encouraged/hurried me on my life’s journey.

More inspirational Quotes

What do the greats have to say about kindness?

“For Attractive lips, speak words of kindness.
For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people.
For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.
For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day.
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone.
People, more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed. Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you will find one at the end of each of your arms.
As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands, one for helping yourself and the other for helping others.‚ÄĚ ¬†Sam Levenson

Kind hearts are the gardens,
Kind thoughts are the roots,
Kind words are the flowers,
Kind deeds are the fruits,
Take care of your garden
And keep out the weeds,
Fill it with sunshine
Kind words and kind deeds.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

How to teach your kids kindness

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a harder battle.‚ÄĚ – Plato

  1. Show them in your own actions; kinda like a model.

  2. Show kindness toward your own kids-Reward your children who show kindness and love acts

  3. Read books on kindness

  4. Pay it forward- join charity groups, benefit events

  5. Show your child how to be a true friend

  6. Speak words that uplift and encourage; negativity is not an option.

  7. Have fun, fun, fun.

Animals Show Kindness

In a Pinch – a story from kids national geographic

The African savanna elephant must have been surprised. He was grazing alone in a swamp, in Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve, when a stranger arrived. The stranger was a forest elephant. Forest elephants are smaller and have more rounded ears than savanna elephants do. And they usually stay in the forest.

But this fellow had caught his trunk in a trap. While freeing himself, he’d torn off the tip. “Once the pain stopped, he’d be able to feed on his own,‚ÄĚ says wildlife biologist Kayhan¬†Ostovar of Billings, Montana. Until then, he’d need help.

As if to explain, “the injured elephant walked up and stuck his trunk into the healthy elephant’s mouth,‚ÄĚ says Ostovar, who witnessed the encounter between the two elephants. And that’s all it took. Elephants often aid members of their herd. But this savanna elephant didn’t care that they weren’t related. He reached down, uprooted a small acacia tree, and stuffed it into his new friend’s mouth.

To see more stories check out

Our Pets/Animals show kindness to our children:

Continue to Show kindness to nature:

Kindness in Marriage

If love is kind and God is love, then God is kind!! Maybe we should allow our hearts to be open to kindness.

Kindness is rare in society and in marriages.  I wonder is that one reason for so many failed marriages.

Admittedly it is easier to be mean and hard and angry when someone does not show love, but the way to overcome [in many cases] is with a reaction of kindness!

I really can’t speak for someone else but for me marriage has to be a priority even over career and activities in this world.

I read a story of a man who committed adultery and wanted to save his marriage. Here is an excerpt.

“At a loss for what to do I sought the advice of another Christian brother. John had committed adultery on his wife several years earlier, and his marriage had made it. When I asked John how long it took his wife to heal from his betrayal, John‚Äôs response was short and to the point: “Years.”

My mouth dropped. ‚ÄúYears ???‚ÄĚ I said in disbelief. ‚ÄúYears ??? I thought surely you were going to say a few weeks or maybe even months‚Ķ but‚Ķ years??!!‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúYes, years‚ÄĚ John repeated firmly. ‚ÄúThe old marriage you had is dead and you have to build a new one. This is going to take a lot of time and effort on your part; you‚Äôve got to kill her with kindness and win her all over again.‚ÄĚ

This story is found at:

Final Comments:

Yes People will forget what you said [verbatim] and they may forget what you did for them or the gifts you gave; But people will never forget how you made them feel about themselves and life. Just me thinking….:D

Before I shove off I want to ask a question.

How do you speak to yourself?  Would you speak to others the way you speak to your own thoughts?

Do you criticize, put down or thrash yourself?

  • Give yourself a break. ¬†Be kind to yourself!

  • Start cheering yourself forward.

  • Speak kindly to yourself.

  • Don’t ¬†force yourself to impossible standards.

  • Stop with the harsh judging.

  • Stop comparing yourself to others.

You are Beautiful…Just be your best self…

Who shall separate us from the love of God.  Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword?



I usually try to have my blog ready a month in advance of publishing  just in case something comes up and save myself that last minute panic.

I had this blog `Kindness` ready before I started my pilgrimage of sorts followed by a two day vacation.  I have to admit I relearned some things and had many great reminders along the way.

One of which was actually [ put your money where your mouth is ]….I came face to face with my opening statement. Just for one moment how do you truly want people to treat you? Simple!¬† Treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

My husband and I knew we had to do some physical maintenance underneath our cottage. It was going to be slow and difficult especially in this July heat. A job that required two people to complete and I would be of little use to the situation. Before we even had a chance to think of how to proceed a relative called. He was upset, actually more of a panic and fed up with life. A thirty something  in the throes of life, on the street, no job,no food, no money. He needed a little money. It is so easy to judge and say your old enough, get a grip, get a job, settle down.  He has had so many misfortunes, made so many bad choices and did not have a very good start in life tainted with drugs, neglect and the center of a custody battle. To say the least Рhe was looking for love ever since that horrible day.

My husband  and I decided to get him to come to the cottage with us.  He could help with repairs , three square meals, a couple of snacks and we would pay him a decent wage for two or three days. Now we don`t have money but if we didn`t sacrifice for this young man who would.

I had this brilliant plan that if we gave him a bit of money in exchange for his time and labor it would help with food and basic necessities for a few days.¬† That is so true of many people when giving to anyone in need- give them food, shelter that`s enough. For some that is all they can manage and that’s okay.¬†It was¬†a good thing but as we began to talk to him and get up close you see some larger problems. Teeth rotting, one tooth cracked off and causing him great pain.¬† Eye Glasses held together with wire. Very little undergarments.¬† His driver’s license will be run out in four days. So do you still want to be kind and generous.

It always cost us something to love and to be kind. It is often painful to step outside of our comfort zone.  Even if our comfort zone is a mere pittance it gradually becomes a place of comfort.  Are we willing after that to help someone in need.  Do we ignore it and pretend the need does not exist.

Generosity without cost I guess isn’t generosity.

Well what happened?¬† I’m glad you asked.

Gave him a generous wage for 2 days work and encouraged him to renew his drivers license and see if there were any outstanding fines. Of course there were. A $100 renewal became $239.  On his return I gave him the $230 back..he still has the original amount we gave for his labor.  The delight and excitement in his eyes was priceless.

Someone gave a hoot!

Appointment booked for the extraction of tooth number one.

Now let’s see if we can find some financial support to get him through a 16 week trucker’s course.¬† Helping a person regain their dignity is worth any price.

A most unusual thing happened a few hours later.¬† We had a problem with our old jalopy.¬† My hubby brought it to a friend’s garage.¬† After 2 or 3 hours of electrical work the problem was fixed.
How much do I owe? Said hubby
Nothing sir, my treat!
What would it have cost? I’m glad you asked.
$ 239…

You cannot outdo kindness and generosity.

MY book “Feet First” Steps to Survival, Forgiveness and Triumph is available at

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I am diverging a little, well a lot, to what I normally write on this blog. My goal is to have a positive and inspirational blog. I hope to have guest bloggers in the near future and highlight inspirational stories. I love the story telling skills of other authors and artists. There is so much negative in the world it is nice to have a positive place.  I try to write things that will allow people to know they are loved, uplifted and encouraged..

Today I will take a moment to mention sexual abuse.  A nasty topic but sadly a reality. With education and action maybe we can abolish this in our lifetime.

What I have to say today can apply to any problem you or I may have. This is not meant to be an in depth study and certainly will not provide all the answers and most likely cause more questions.¬† But that’s okay as well.

The horror and trauma of sexual abuse is that no matter how severe the physical pain, the mental torment is even worse.

This is a tribute to all Victims of all forms of abuse

in the beginning

God created you

no matter where conceived

you are beautiful…


God created you perfect

but the bloody abuser

tried to ruin you

I believe you are beautiful…


blood mixed in night sweats

self harm of depression

broken wounds linger near

I feel you are beautiful…


deep calleth unto deep

the pain the dark

the misery

I perceive you are beautiful…


confused internal pain

I want to dry your tears

bring you back from despair

I trust you are beautiful…


on behalf of those

who committed heinous actions

I apologize

for all wounds inflicted

punishment within

I validate you as a human being

I know you are beautiful…


in your suffering from abuse

it was wrong and without excuse

if I could turn back time and space

I would go back and prevent

the hurt caused or any

feelings of dimishment  of your

humanity and manhood

for I am sure you are beautiful….


I would exchange hopelessness for hope

nightmares for dreams

fears for courageous love

sense of loss for peace

please know you are not less

then perfect

yes you are beautiful….


you are not alone

you will know you are complete

and whole

someday the glorious

martyr’s crown

but for now,

remain inside the hug

remember you ARE beautiful…¬©

by beverley¬†hoyles¬†-06 12 –

have met far too many people who still suffer from abuse.

From her voice –¬†“The actual pain of the sexual abuse ended when I was eleven; but I still feel an inner pain and distress at 76.”

The trauma of sexual molestation is so horrific and distorts our self-image. Sadly the horrific acts replay like a sadistic recorder over and over. Anxiety, guilt and shame and depletion of energy making you sick. Physical Sickness, depression, self harm and so much more is a recurrent among sexual abuse victims.

Does this sound like little hope? No, Healing is available.

I hope you will continue to read…

In order to reach the level of growth and healing and life you need to not only know but acknowledge the reality of the mess the abuser caused you to be in.  A mess of pain, depression and for some near death. Healing begins when the secret is disclosed and the chains and shackles of silence and inward pain are broken.

I know the hurt has many layers like an onion and¬† can make you cry – deep calleth unto deep.¬† I also realize each of us have different coping skills but we don’t have to settle just with coping alone.

I am a believer that there can be an exchange; in reality a miracle. I Know this sounds bizarre to so many. I assure you I am not a weirdo just someone who truly believes in God’s willingness and power to help us.¬† I also believe Creator God will make a way where the impossible grins at you and where there seems to be absolutely NO Way..

I have experienced this myself.  It is real. I believe in the power of God and God’s word the Bible and that there are keys of passages of scripture that can give us a roadmap/guidance out of the hurt, anger, fear, depression and confusion. I have seen instant miracles but for most its a long journey but God accompanies you every step of the way.

It is possible you will also need professional help; there are some great counselors willing to help you. 

Don’t feel you are alone because I am travelling with you and so is God.

Probably you may have thought God was also the abuser and cannot be trusted. After all, is He not the one who saw what was going on and did nothing about it?  Even though the church has failed us in many aspects there are still many who are compassionate and willing to help us.

Jesus knows what it means to suffer for others’ wrongdoing. It doesn’t seem fair that someone should hurt you so deeply and then leave you wounded by the road as he goes on his merry way through life with no signs of guilt or remorse, no desire to make things right or compensate in some way for your loss of innocence. The abuser did the abuse and sinning, but you have done the suffering.

So when you come to God with the anguish of abuse and your sense of separation from the¬†world and relationships,¬†the creator God ¬†understands. ¬†Draw near, knowing that¬†the caring God¬†is ‚Äútouched with the feeling of [your] infirmities‚ÄĚ -This has calmed me many times…

  • God feels what¬†you feel and is touched¬†by your sense of hopelessness.¬†

  • God¬†is profoundly impacted by¬†your hurt.

  • God¬†is profoundly impacted by your confusion and depression or whatever you have right now in your life.

  • God mourns with you.

  • God has compassion.¬†You can talk openly and honestly with God.

  • God is angry over the crimes committed against you.

  • God is near the broken hearted. Take heart and take faith.

If you think you do not have faith and desire to have faith; ask God for faith first!

There can be a unique spiritual exchange at Calvary. Jesus takes all your humiliation, pain, emotional turmoil, hatred, failure, in exchange you receive perfection and honor and holiness and life. I firmly believe that on this journey at the place where we would be willing to pass to Jesus all this humiliation; we can receive peace and healing.

Regardless your believe system;I do respect differences; I have found Jesus to be honest, loving and of a great example.

God says; I have loved you with an everlasting love and I will build you up at the pace you are able to handle. ¬†Don’t feel you are alone. God cares about you. How God wants to show you great love.

There are people who do not believe in God nor the power of Jesus blood; For that I am very sad.

Your past may always be a heavy load, but you can lighten that heavy load of baggage by shifting your focus from what happened to you back then to what God is doing or can do in you right now. Abuse is not good, but growing into God’s likeness is good. It is very, very good.¬†

You are not suddenly gonna lose your memory but the sting will eventually go away.

The next step is to rebuild your self-esteem.

It may sound unbelievable but I can assure you; You can become strong.  Surround yourself with people who believe in you, who value you. You will know they are true friends when they cause you to be better, encouraged and uplifted.

People who have suffered abuse feel completely powerless. Gain new strength and confidence by facing your fears one at a time.

Baby steps. Let God be a part of your healing process.

I firmly believe you will find yourself on the road of forgiveness to thriving…

When God looks at you¬†– God¬†does not see “contaminated or damaged goods.”

God sees a person of value and worth.

You are beautiful.

Allow God’s love to flow into every wound, over your pain and sweeten every thought.

Victims of Self Abuse/harm have to deal with a whole gamut of healing in relation to their present relationships but it is possible.

These are most comforting words for me:

You are the everlasting God

The everlasting God

You do not faint,

You won’t grow weary

You’re the defender of

The Weak

You comfort Those in Need

You lift us up on

Wings like Eagles

What has been stolen from you God wants to restore…..Allow Him to create new thoughts, emotions, feelings, patterns.

God is not against you BUT FOR YOU!  

God loves you with an everlasting love and  will build you up at the pace you are able to handle.

God wants to rebuild your life, to restore, repairing the broken thoughts, renovate our broken dreams and lives.

God understands what you have gone through- When you pass through the waters, God will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.

I can assure you that Self-destructive behaviors‚ÄĒalcohol, drugs, eating disorders, promiscuity, poor health habits, negative attitudes, and threats of suicide‚ÄĒ fade away as we surrender to God’s help.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.

Hugs to You!
Did you know [I’m sure you do] that human contact through hugs lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

Hugs have also been shown to improve overall mood, increase nerve activity, and a host of other beneficial effects. Positive physical touch has an immediate anti-stress effect, slowing breathing and heart rate.

A good hug speaks directly to your body and soul, making you feel loved and special- in fact –

Hugging is a natural and wonderful medicine; a salve if you will on the sores of your heart and soul.

Begin to see¬†yourself ¬†free from the chains of the abuser …

My next blog will be entitled “Kindness”¬† I think you will enjoy it..

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MY book “Feet First” Steps to Survival, Forgiveness and Triumph is available at

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It is so much fun to go for a walk ¬†[don’t forget your camera] and observe the birds and the bees and the flowers and the trees and yes the butterflies!

It is nice to see nature as an adult but to see it as a child or through a child’s eye and delight is extraordinary!

Just like the nursery singing rhyme I wrote while rocking my middle grand-baby to sleep.

Birds and the bees
And the leaves
And the trees
 There are ma-ny
Things to see,

                            But I want to see
A but-ter-fly
I want to see
A but-ter-fly,

I want to see
The wings of a
I want to see
The wings of a


There is so much beauty in nature and it’s so rewarding to learn as much as possible. To examine the butterfly is no exception.

The butterfly struggle from cocoon to flight is difficult and restrictive. This is nature`s perfection in action to force the fluid from the body to the wings so upon entry into the world, it could fly.

So it seems that a butterfly must struggle to live, without that struggle he would never fly. Do you think there is some truth to that for you and I?

The struggles, the trials, the trash, the garbage, the manipulation, the abuse, the nightmares, the depression, the night sweats, myriad of repercussions and maladies we may have suffered in childhood and thereafter not exactly the preferred path but in spite of that Рthe struggle made us soar.

beauty + courage + freedom + creativity = flight

Boy I hope you don’t feel that¬†it‚Äôs¬†a clich√© or a platitude but we overcame and continue to be overcomers.

The butterfly –¬†flies strong and free and so can “weeeeeee”……

Truly, It has made¬†us who we are and hopefully¬†we [¬†including me ]¬†will continue to develop and not be afraid of change.¬†……Change prepares you and I to move beyond the perceived limitations.

Don’t feel you are alone- we are in this together so take heart!

WE beat the odds…
So it is perseverance that won the day…..

I am no longer defined by my past (struggle) but it prepared me for my flight plan !


My son spent some time in Guatemala and came back with a legend. While he was gone I watched a documentary on the Blue Butterfly. I also did a brief research project on The Blue Butterfly. The three events converged on the following tale!

Mayans in Guatemala & 

The Blue Butterfly 

“Mayans in Guatemala speak of simultaneous Twin Realities: the world of dreams and the world of work.

These two worlds are likened to the opposing wings of a Butterfly: the dream world is one wing, and the awake world is the other.

They believe the wings must connect at the Heart of the Butterfly to fly and live.

Real life occurs because of the interaction of the wings. The Life is the Butterfly’s Heart. Life, like the Butterfly’s Heart, is kept alive by the two opposing, mirroring twin-like wings.”

For me; it is important right now to not only have a world of reality but to have a dream world.  Together I celebrate a complete life from the heart.

Welcome to the Blog Tour of the Release of

The Butterfly Effect

Niamh Clune Рfounder of Plum Tree Books

Has ¬†invited the members to participate in this creative project. The members are collective of artists, authors, poets, photographers, painters, editors, book designers, technicians, bloggers musicians each talented in their own right. One enjoyable motive in any of Plum Tree Books’ project is to not only promote one’s own work but the work of all other members.

 Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

 The Butterfly Effect is:

 A small action that led to a devastating event or its opposite

 A small decision that changed your life for good or ill

 Saying a small thing that ended or began a relationship

 A small decision that marked a wrong turn in your life or in the life of someone else

 An act of environmental vandalism that contributes to climate change

 A small act of environmental consideration that makes a difference to the whole

Direct Links  to Plum Tree Books and The Butterfly Effect:

Here is my¬† ‘true story’ Contribution entitled¬† ‘The Imprint’


Our youngest, a delightful, vibrant, mite of a child known to us as ‘Pooh’ or ‘Half Pint’, Joanne; a small thing that caused such large love in our family.

It was the beginning of her first year at school.
I heard the usual rustle of papers.
The delight in her eyes said this was different.
“Look mommy this is for you!”

Bending down eye to eye.

“Happy Mother’s Day!”
“Thank you!”

Looking at an exquisite gift I felt a combination of blissful goose bumps, and a warm cloak over my spirit.

Holding my breath – her heart, her eyes, her voice, her petite smooth hands clasped the nape of my neck with such a little-big hug. With a skip of a heartbeat I felt such immense love for my baby girl.

Her sweet little cheeks were kindly receiving my soft kisses, what a deep love that I felt at that special moment! My heavenly father entrusted the care of this little one to me.

A springtime of wondrous conversation ensued before Joanne settled into play time.

Instinctively I knew I held something precious. Through blinding tears I looked down once again at the single footprint.

Obviously the teacher had inked Joanne’s foot and helped Joanne to place her foot unto this card stock.

An inner assurance compelled me to think this will mean something more later.
Looking around the room.
“Where to put this!”
“Ahh her baby Album.”
Safely tucked away and almost forgotten except to show friends all my children’s treasures maybe once a year.

Busy living my life, oft times I could see the footprint in my dreams.
The last child left home; more silence, just quiet enough to hear the whisper, “write your story”.

More time passed. Out of the blue with no forethought I went to the office, copied the footprint, reversed it, and placed the two foot prints side by side. Now a pair.

Looking at the set of foot prints I remembered what my mother told me many years previous, “You know, You were born Feet First.” That’s it- that will be a part of my book.

Never resting, time is flying, just maybe I’m ready to Tell my story.

In retrospect I see a simple gesture, an astronomical moment for my child Joanne.

For me as a mom, something tangible to propel my future, catalyst to gaining strength to tell my story; to expose truth.

Yes “We can carve our epitaph
In the lives of our children
Far more than on the
Stone of our death!” [1]

However what about the imprint a child makes in our lives. But who would have imagined that the child, my child, would be the pivotal one, the pinnacle and surreal moment to healing?

Poignant moment to freedom.

Nervousness seemed to dissolve, holding the foot print once again, and all that which paralyzes action. The sequence of events, the threads that lead to courage to expose my personal life to the world.

The opportunity to create awareness. I did not imagine this future was possible. This journey of mine helped me realize, abuse is unnatural. We are created for freedom and a strong self-esteem, a hope and a future.

The icing on the cake, a set of Joanne’s feet is on every single page of my published

book Feet First.


[1] Beverley Hoyles, Work Manual  Insight, Impact and Influence 2012


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Beverley’s Book “Feet First” available:


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The widely accepted definition is the state of being intensely interested-captivation or a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual- enchantment.

Having a sense of fascination in life [for me] makes me smile even more.

‚ÄúLaughter¬†is the best medicine‚ÄĚ – There are so many benefits of smiling and laughter it becomes a never-ending cycle.¬† Finding a fascination in life makes me smile and smiling adds fascination to my life. Here are three fascinating facts about our smiles.

  1. Some Psychologist says that smiling can lift you out of a dreadful mood even if you force the smile.
  2. Smiling will naturally boost our immune system because we are relaxed and less stressed.
  3.  Smiling is contagious. Try and keep that frown on while looking at a person who is smiling.

The world surrounding us is a fascinating thing; how we were created and how the universe works is also very intriguing.

The spectrum of fascination from science and innovation to bird watching, climate change to the life cycle of insects, people to innumerable animal species. There is so much in our universe that we can enjoy.

High school was my introduction to the study of Clouds. Believe it or not so many are fascinated by clouds. There is so much to be captivated by whether you are a kid or a scientist. From finding animals, shapes and other formations in a cloud to understanding the benefits of clouds. Clouds flying high up in the sky Рappears as  bunches of fluffy white cotton!

There are two basic shapes of clouds: cumulus (big puffy type) and stratus which are (more flat and spread out).

Clouds protect us from sunrays or provide rain. It’s magnificent to fly above the clouds –¬†it engages my creativity.

As a kid I enjoyed watching the bumble bee. The bumble¬†bee’s amazing ability to fly using its wings and thorax muscles.

I love watching those fuzzy wuzzy fat little ones fly.

The most spectacular thing was seeing the northern lights [Aurora Borealis] dance across the sky like a kaleidoscope of color.  The most awe-inspiring moment.

At our cottage I saw two of the largest rainbows intersect now that was remarkable!

The first time I looked through a telescope and saw the stars was awesome and engaged my fascination to look closer at our universe.

Our universe. The distance from Earth to Pluto is approximately 4,000,000,000 miles. It takes about five hours for Pluto’s light to travel to Earth. Our nearest star Alpha Centauri is over 4 light years away! It is estimated that our own galaxy The Milky Way contains at least 200 billion stars! Our nearest galaxy the Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light years away and estimated to contain about one trillion stars! So much more exciting info. Of course you know that.

The complexity of life!

How music transports our soul and thoughts to a higher level. How it can make one laugh another cry and another awe-inspired.

Let’s have a fascination for life. Be completely captivated in whatever you‚Äôre doing. Whether you‚Äôre studying math, cooking dinner, feeding your pets, digging ditches or raising your children‚ÄĒbe fascinated. Because when we‚Äôre fascinated, we have a better focus, attention span, more engaged and happier and do the best job ever.

Be excited about learning things on a daily basis. Be captivated by knowledge that will increase our ability to live more productively.

Children live in a natural state of awe and wonder. Children are synonymous with wonderment. They think that everything is worth paying attention to and learning from. They listen and ask so many questions-Such inquiring minds.

To reclaim that childlike awe, figure out what fascinates you most about life. Science? Universe? Technology? Nature? Ocean? The Stars? People? Places? Relationships? Ecosystem? Carpentry? Writing? God? Make a list of the top-20 most fascinating things in your life.

Hypervelocity Stars

If you’ve ever gazed at the night sky, you’ve probably wished upon a shooting star (which are really meteors).

But shooting stars do exist, and they’re as rare as one in 100 million.

In 2005, astronomers discovered the first “hypervelocity” star careening out of a galaxy at nearly 530 miles per second (10 times faster than the ordinary star movement).

Have you ever gone out on a summer evening to catch fireflies? The fireflies flit and fly everywhere!

Pay attention to the world around you. Cultivate your God given talents and gifts and interests.

If a human being knows what he really wants out of life, then he’ll find the ways and resources to get there. There is within every human, the desire to be fascinated.

God wants us to enjoy the creation He has given. He especially wants us to be captivated by His Word.  The word of God is a living and breathing two-edged sword; it brings life into our very spirits as we read it.

We need to talk to God and as we do so we will develop that relationship and become enthralled with the creator of the heavens and the earth; God Himself. It will be like honey to the soul.  We will be a satisfied, fascinated believer who is strong.

God not only heals us through the work of Jesus but shows us the beauty and the divine that can satisfy the desire of fascination and awe. Individuals captivated by God seldom feel discontented.

What captivates [fascinate] our heats usually controls us. So inherent in this statement is a caution not to go beyond a normal fascination in things of this world that would take our attention away from the most important things of life.

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