I was invited to participate in a world blog tour and in turn nominate 5 others but alas I did not meet the time frame but I thought I would do the blog anyway.

At first when I thought about the opening portion of the blog my mind began to whirl around the words ‘writer’ and ‘the written word’.

J. B. Priestly says, “Perhaps it would be better not to be a writer, but if you must, then write. If it all feels helpless, if that famous ‘inspiration’ will not come, write. If you are a genius, you’ll make your own rules, but if not—and the odds are against it—go to your desk, no matter what your mood, face the  challenge of the paper—write.

That’s good advice but I don’t want mindless drivel. I seriously would like to fill the page with the breathings, the battles and the bliss of my heart and soul.  Not just words but phrases that would illuminate not to deceive nor depress. I admit sometimes ‘to illuminate and encourage’ one must show the dark side of things or go to a place in the past.

The ‘written  word’ is perhaps  the most influential, the most important, most dynamic of all time. Naturally we cannot depend upon our limited human memory.  I can forget a thought from one side of the room to the other. The written word can be a timeless record whether it is bad or great writing preserved for generations way off into the future.

These words can provide food for the mind, for the soul, for understanding, and for awareness.  It is unbelievable that we can put our words together and placed in a timeless Zone.

William Hazzlitt says, “The more a man writes, the more he can write.”


I believe the elitist writers of our time will concur that writing is a distinct durable and transmittable way to convey your thoughts. I believe they will also concur that it is very important to set the standard high to have skilled writers.  It is there that sometimes I fall short many times but I will not give up.

Personally I have always written for a cause.  I realize many write for the sheer enjoyment, a mythology muse and a variety of other reasons.

Initially at a naive age I felt a desire to write but chose to remain silent.  There is a price to pay for silence in writing as well as disclosure of abuse. Methinks the majority of health issue fall into this category of silence.

“God wants you to be delivered from what you have done and from what has been done to you – Both are equally important to God.”  Joyce Meyer, Beauty for Ashes


Surprisingly with my limited experience I found a profound, inspiring, freeing connection between writing and healing.

The written word, my words became a catharsis at first because I broke the silence and vented. However the experience of the written word began to allow me the opportunity to reduce my stress and depression.

Through the experience of the written word something had occurred but I had no professional scientific comparison. Not only did I begin to understand other people but my own essence opened up as a fountain. Something more began to happen when I wrote only ‘negatively’ the fountain did not flow the same.  However when I expressed both negative and positive in words something truly magical happened. I literally felt better on the inside and it expressed openly in my demeanor and actions.

The fountain of passion changed; I not only wanted to help me to true life and living but I wanted to help others.  Now it felt possible.

A writer has to figure it out on their own many times but I feel it is not enough to disclose abuse though monstrous as it is.  Disclosure is important for our emotional health but that in itself is not enough. We have to face and examine the past and understand the abuse and realize the child isn’t to blame. From there begin to understand our hurt and pain and give credence to the pain we can actually begin to understand the polars of pain.

The next step is finding the path to forgiveness and allow ourselves to learn; it actually will boost our physical well being. So it is the words of negative and positive allows for a healthy well being.

It is the words that are penned; the indescribable and overwhelming to become describable and less overbearing. The words gave freedom.

A survivor of child abuse I will continue to campaign for the advocacy of putting a stop to all forms of abuse. My desire is to be a vessel of honor for God who wishes to speak for those who can’t speak about their traumatic pasts. I Put Creator God First and Know God’s power can help us. 

Q & A   Part 1 

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What is the title of your book?

Feet First: Steps to Survival, Forgiveness & Triumph

What genre does your book fall under?

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Religious & InSpiritual

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Abuse & Social Issues



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